NEW UPDATE 4.6.19!!! Coming Sale in JULY 2019!

Hey All, Ive had a TON of inquiries into product availability and when the sale will be. I am currently on hold for all sales until July 2019 when I will be holding a sale. If you arent on my mailing list then shoot me an email via the contact form or Facebook and ill get you on the list. Ill be sending out reminders for the sale as it approaches. Again as of now, nothing is available for sale as I am letting the plants grow until the sale. That means more cuts for ya’ll!

Currently anything listed on the website is for reference to what genetics I have growing but not currently for sale until July.

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Cactus Arizona Updates!

Hey all! I am revamping and updating the nursery, re-potting and up-potting among other things. For now I am out of stock for most of my trichocereus but will have a sale-a-thon soon with all the odd’s and ends that results from the rebuild here at CA. If you see any trichocereus you would like to purchase feel free to email me and I will throw you on the mailing list so you can be updated when I update my inventory!

Grand Opening Cactus Arizona!

Welcome to Cactus Arizona, the premier supplier of indigenous cactus and succulents from around the world!

Cactus Arizona is pleased to launch our new web presence. With many decades worth of mature cactus that has been lovingly raised right here in the Arizona desert, we hope to provide you with the healthiest plants at the best values available anywhere. Our available inventory is constantly changing, so if there is something specific that you are looking for, please feel free to send us a message!

We have many types available, from 12″ cactus cuttings all the way up to full potted plants. Take a look around the Shop and see what you think! We are still in the process of updating the site and taking inventory so please bear with us.